Vaastu: Colours for a Happy Home

Our home is the place where we spend a lot of time. The colours in our house have an impact on our mood as well as our personal life. Vaastu identifies colours for different rooms depending on what they are used for as well as based on their direction.

Vaastu Colours for Different Rooms:

Bedroom: For the bedroom, go for shades of pink, light green and light blue.

Living Room: Yellow, green, blue, beige and tan are best suited for the living room.

Kitchen: White, orange, yellow, rose pink, red and chocolate are the perfect shades for kitchen.

Dining Room: For the dining room, opt for green, pink and blue.

Bathroom: White, mix of black and white, grey, pink and other pastel colours are appropriate for the bathroom.

Vaastu Colours based on the Direction of Rooms:

East: For rooms in the East, opt for white.

West: Blue is best suited for rooms situated in the West.

North: Green is appropriate for a room in the North.

South: For the South, go for pink or coral red.

North-East: Shades of cream and yellow are excellent for the North-East direction.

North-West: Go for white in the North-West.

South-East: A silver white would be apt for South-East.

South-West: Green is the best colour for rooms in this direction.

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