Straight from my heart

Back in school, like most parents, mine too believed that I was a good-for-nothing lad. Yeah, I second that notion for I was a fallible kid whose mischiefs were the talk of the school and the whole neighbourhood. Never the one to aim for a perfect score, I was content with getting a 60 or 70 the latter sure made my mom happy.

Little did I know, that I were to embark on a different journey altogether. My fascination with the mystical and spiritual world of astrology started at the tender age of 14. At an age, when my comrades were trying to live the life that every teenager dreams of, I had chosen this off-beaten path to satisfy my insatiable urge to know the unknown. I began to study under my Guru, Mr. Subhash Chand Gupta, who helped mould my raw talent into a fine one. With a lot of passion and hardwork, I started putting my predictions to test on fellow classmates and relatives. The joy I derived from an accurate prediction surpassed the one after getting an A+ (well, I never got one).

When I started practicing astrology, I witnessed a plethora of problems that people underwent on a daily basis. All of the conversations were so candid, that I could actually empathise with them. When their glistening eyes looked at mine for a probable solution, I knew that this was more than a profession. It was my chance at lifting these people from the shackles of trouble and taking them to the illuminated path of righteousness.

An ardent believer of Lord Shiva, I believe in the absolute power of the Almighty. I started reading the Shiv Maha Purana at the tender age of 14. But even this wasn’t enough to quench my thirst for spiritual knowledge and, thus, I read the Bhagvada Gita (in English and Sanskrit) as well. The Durga Saptashati was next in line. These holy scriptures have helped me open many arrays of wisdom, for which I am deeply indebted.

I felt blessed and ecstatic when my efforts started to reap the desired rewards. From being featured in the print media to being widely accepted by the digital one as well, I take enormous pride in a clientele that believes in me and my work. I hope to serve my present and future clients with the same amount of enthusiasm and zeal. I look forward to developing lasting relationships with my clients.