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As we move closer to the end of the Zodiac signs, Aquarius is the eleventh sign that comes to surface. Their level of maturity could be consequential to their late appearance on the zodiac list. They think deeply and can be quite eccentric. Eager and willing to help others, Aquarians have a tendency to be the do-gooders. Independence is as important to them as the air they breathe. They not only desire it enormously but will also go ballistic if their privacy is invaded or pried upon. Aquarians will constantly be thinking ahead of time, trying to focus their efforts in making this world a better place for all of us. These curious creatures are an extraordinary mix of unconventional, eccentric but fundamentally unique and free-spirited. Associated with sociability and teamwork, Aquarians sweep away the past and look straight into the future. That is why these folks with a progressive nature are often termed as the visionaries of the Zodiac.

Ruled by the planet of change, Uranus, that is renowned for its rebellion and revolution; Aquarians are much the same. They have unique ability to see beyond the society’s current norms and morality. It is Uranus that instills in them the visionary spirit. Symbolised by the water-bearer which represents a human figure pouring water from a jug, Aquarians shower the world with their thoughts and near-genius like ideas. Despite the watery connections, the element associated with this sign is Air. How well their minds are equipped with intellect can only be proved by the original and inventive things their brains would churn out. Just like their airy cousins, Aquarians have alert and quick minds. They will be adept with speech and communication with the bonus of being witty. Highly opinionated, these people won’t hesitate to give their opinions on almost anything.

Known as the sign of genius, no wonder they have original and inspirational minds. Any career where invention or revolutionizing is involved draws these people. So, you’ll most likely find them holding the seat of an analyst, advisor, counsellor, sociologist, technician and so on. But unlike most others, these folks aren’t driven by money. Their attention is fixed on the higher, more important things in life. They aren’t exactly sentimental but are idealists who do not pursue money actively just for the sake of it. For them, money can buy time and space to do the things that they want. An Aquarian wants to do or pursue things of personal interest, explore and experiment. They won’t shy away from putting a good amount of their wealth for the noble causes. Quite the humanitarian, must say!

What makes them so easy and breezy?

Peel off that detached, aloof and unemotional exterior, and you will find a generous, large-hearted friend who would go out of his way to help a friend. Making people laugh and to cheer them up gives great satisfaction to the ones born under this sign. Their ‘live and let live’ policy makes them easy to hang out with. Since they rejoice in their uniqueness of spirit and acknowledge that their strength lies in their individuality, Aquarians are quite chilled out folks. Positive and optimistic, they rarely lose hope when the going gets tough. They will always be grateful for all the blessings that the Almighty has bestowed upon them and empathise with the less fortunate.

Why they are so difficult to understand?

‘Living in their own bubble’ can be an apt phrase to describe them. People born in this zodiac sign do not have a particular behavioural pattern, so they may be unpredictable at times. Their mantra for life is ‘Live and Let Live’ which has been described as a likeable trait above. But this also makes them detached and a loner. Aquarians are excellent listeners but to change their mind is a herculean task. Aye, aye! Make way for the stubborn one. They change so quickly that you may never be able to understand what goes on in their heads.

Matters of the heart

Aquarians are the kind of people who feel relaxed and at ease in the company of others. However, one should not forget that they put their space and personal freedom high up on the pedestal even in matters of the heart. So, don’t keep these freedom-loving creatures trapped in your love. They are generally drawn to intellectual, independent people who can understand them and value their need for personal space. More importantly, friendship forms a key component in all of their romantic relationships. Caution! Aquarians can be super-sensitive and may take some harsh words or criticism to their hearts. So mates, handle their fragile hearts with utmost love and care. What makes them a prized possession is their tender and caring attitude for their loved ones.

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