Ruling Planet
The Ram
The Warrior

Being the first born in the zodiac signs, Aries have the hunger and the drive to be the first in everything they do. They are the leaders of the pack. As the first sign, it is associated with fresh vigour and new beginnings. When it’s time to get the ball rolling, Aries know how to roll it. They will hustle to initiate anything, whether they finish it or not is another story. Problem kick-starting a new project or need a push to begin a gym regime? Turn towards your Arian pal, for they know how to get it started. They are born leaders and will conquer that numero uno spot, come what may. The innocence of Aries people is enough to cover their, sometimes, aggressive behaviour. This naiveté brings fearlessness, while at the same time making them highly vulnerable. They trust people easily, get hurt in the process, forgive and forget, and then, start all over again.
Ruled by the fiery, red-hot planet Mars, and symbolized by the Ram, Aries possess heaps of physical energy, dynamism, impulse, independence and great courage. The planet, Mars, was the God of War and Aggression. Much like it, going all out to get what they want seems to be the natural course of action for these warriors. Their winning streak is enviable. They can summon the inner strength and face all the challenges that life throws at them heads on! Impulsive Aries would, often than not, be tempted to shove their ideas and opinions down others’ throats, irrespective of whether their ideas were asked for or not. Their bluntness and straight-forward approach is often criticized. Their element, fire, is to be blamed for their hot-headedness. Their child-like innocence comes from their lack of experience. This may lead them into believing many false and unfaithful people. They trust easily which is a cause of concern as people will take advantage of their naivety. As the ‘baby’ of the zodiac, they command a lot of attention and can throw quite a tantrum if they don’t get it. But no matter what the obstacle or upheaval is; Aries will always bounce back, that too, with a bang. Their optimism and faith is applaudable. These stubborn rams may be difficult to deal with. Their hot-headedness and self-centered attitude can throw people off the edge. But they are known for exhibiting energy and dynamism. With their innate charisma, they are often able to convince and lead people effortlessly.

Why we adore the Ram?

They are straight-forward, caring and very positive people with indomitable energy. Aries is like a little kid in the candy store who loves the colour, excitement, boldness and ‘firsts’, like first releases and new summer trends. Surprises will always be a hit with these excited lads and don’t fuss with that packaging-they are too impatient to notice. They are the doers rather than the talkers. Reason, logic and proof are the only weapons that you can use to defeat them. Bold and fearless, an Aries is always ready to take charge, leading the way to success.

Why they drive us into frenzy?

Impatience is their biggest vice. They don’t believe in waiting for their cake. The arrogant Aries is often too self- absorbed and self-assertive that they overlook the crisis in someone else’s life. Their unshaken belief that they know it best puts their comrades on the backseat licking their wounded pride. Highly aggressive and impatient, Aries can turn into the fiery beast when things go awry that you dare not be around. Sometimes, they can be insensitive towards the lot they find weaker than themselves.

Matters of the heart

Dating an Aries is never going to be dull. The vivacious air and confident manner of an Aries is what strikes the love chords at the other end. Battlefields aren’t the only place where wars are won. When it comes to love, their quest is like a prized possession. They love the chase which enables them to feel the rush, the excitement and the adventure of something new that this fiery sign is known to possess. In this game of love, Aries takes the lead, drives the action and calls the shots. Their partners are in for a immensely romantic and a dynamically passionate lover. Raunchy Aries is one of the most sizzling and impetuous of the signs. Feelings run high when ardent Aries is around. They go all out for what they want- no sitting around waiting for others to make the first move. Aries’ passion is indissolubly linked to love, which is the reason why they prefer expressing their feelings in a very direct manner

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