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With a strong and vivid imagination, the empathetic Cancer comes in at number 4 on the zodiac chart. For these folks, it’s ‘family first.’ These sensitive, kind and compassionate people are very domestic and love fortifying their home environment to their satisfaction. This one is a rather complex and somewhat contradictory zodiac sign of all. Just as the ever changing Moon, the crab’s moods go through many cycles. Extremely sentimental and intuitive, Cancerians will be quite a challenge to understand. In fact, they are an enigmatic zodiac sign. An argument with them will most likely be a loss on your part as their remarkable self-defense springs up in an instant. They are known to be highly observant and possess giant elephant-like memories. You must have long forgotten about an incident or a history date of significance, but your Cancer pal will be right there brushing your memory. They are close to their mother and more likely than not, they will have large families and a sizeable group of friends and relatives. For them, the more, the merrier!

Ruled by the Moon and belonging to the Water element, distinctly points out that Cancerians are a highly emotional species. This is the sign of motherhood, providing a protective and harmonious environment. Quite the family builder, we must say! The ruler of the Cancer Zodiac sign is the moon, which is also all about feelings and longings, the needs of the soul. The crab’s maternal instincts are strong and they have a strong desire to protect home and hearth. Just as the ever changing Moon, the crab’s moods go through many cycles. These lunar cycles can deepen a Cancerians’ internal mystery leading them onto an emotional roller coaster ride. Such fleeting emotional patterns can subject a person under this sign to extreme mood swings, gloominess, manipulations, and throw them into fits of rage. Their feelings will wax and wane without explanation. The Crab is a well-chosen symbol for this zodiac sign. If they sense danger to their physical or emotional well-being, they are quick to retreat to their protective shells to survive the attack. Cancers present an unemotional and stoic face to the world, and rarely reveal the depths of their emotional reservoirs openly. Their tenacity and perseverance is perhaps one of their greatest assets. They have excellent business sense and work with extreme dedication. Cancerians will rarely discuss their personal life with anyone- sometimes, not even with their best friends! It’s private and confidential. They have a tender heart which needs to be cared for just the way they care for their loved ones. It’s very difficult for these Crabs to go easy on themselves if they’ve made a mistake. They will brood over it for days and take a long time to move ahead. Nonetheless, they have a large heart and will willingly share with their loved ones. Cancerians are deeply rooted and often hold onto past memories and childhood mementos. Cancer is a mysterious sign, filled with contradictions. They look for security on one hand and adventure and novelty on t he other.

Why they are adorable?

They have attractive voices. Playing caretaker comes naturally to them. They love hosting dinner parties for their dear ones and will keep you thoroughly entertained. A Cancer's good memory is the basis for stories told around the dinner table, they’ll probably be basking in the glory of the past eccentricities. Wearing your heart on your sleeves can be seen as a weakness by most of us, but it isn’t what our Cancer lads think. They are pretty fine with this idea. They are extremely good listeners and have a heart for the problems of others. In fact, many gravitate towards this sign because they intuitively know that a Cancer will understand. One of the most fabulous traits that a Cancer has is his ability to make others feel good about themselves and loved.

Why they drive us into frenzy?

It’s all about loving their family. Yep, that’s right- Family first! Now you may be wondering how this could possibly be bad. Well, their true identity often gets lost in the family circus. The one thing that is the most vexing about them is that they just can’t let it go. They will stretch an issue like a chewing gum until you decide to give up. They run high on emotions which drives those around them nuts. Extremely moody and manipulative, these crazy crabs will envy others’ success but then will work extremely hard to reach their goals. Oh my God, they are sensitive as a baby and you will see them wallowing in self-pity every now and then. Not the ones to let go of their past, these folks have a hard time moving ahead carrying all that baggage from their past. Feelings and emotions are the hallmarks of this sign which, ultimately, is the root of their problems. Those born under this sign can be moody, clingy, and often become incredibly insecure if they feel that they are about to lose the friendship or love of someone close to them. If the situation calls for it, they will lie, but often this dishonesty stems from a deep insecurity about being alone. A harsh glance or a rough tone can easily break Cancer's vulnerable heart. They are as fragile as a glass.

Matters of the heart

Getting to know a Cancerian can leave you dazed and confused due to their contradicting nature. But that shouldn’t and wouldn’t keep anybody away from laying their eyes on these adorable creatures. These cautious crabs will dare not venture forth into unknown territory. Only when they have carefully examined their love interest to their hearts’ content, will they give the green signal. They look for fidelity and loyalty in their partners. If you yearn for the kind of romance on the silver screen, Cancer is your catch. The chief characteristic of this sign is that Cancerians need to be needed. They need to know that they matter to someone and that they are secure in love. That’s when strings begin to be attached. From eating a delicious meal to cozying up to their loved ones in their love nest, they enjoy the physical pleasures rather well. Constantly seeking physical contact, these sensual love-makers cherish the feel of their skin against their lover’s. Cancers are quite guarded in their relationships and won’t dole out trust easily. But if you are worthy of caring for their deeply fragile hearts, they will pour their entire selves into the relationship. Nothing but true love stirs the waters of a deep ocean of passion for this sign.

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