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Voila! Say hello to our diligent and tenacious goats. Carrying a practical, no-nonsense disposition, Capricorns are a force to be reckoned with in the boardroom. They are slaves to all that is conventional and considered ‘proper’ by society. Yet, deep beneath that serious veneer, you will be amazed to find how freedom-loving and modern these folks are in their outlook. These are the people who would be the last ones leaving the office. Well, they don’t mind putting in the extra hard work as long as it takes them a step closer to that coveted position they’ve been eyeing for so long. The victories that follow will be fondlycherished by these pragmatic lads. They are responsible, loyal and highly dedicated to whatever they do in their personal or professional lives. Known as the social-climber, Capricorns love all that is genuine and prefer quality and luxury and hardly settle for anything less.

As a very apt mascot, the Goat symbolizes this tenth sign of the Zodiac. What makes the mountain climber goat such an ideal choice is the way they keep on going higher and higher, no matter what the obstacle is. Status, prestige, name, fame and the money that comes with it can only be achieved by being at the top and that is where our dear Capricorns want to be.They won’t stop till the goal is reached! The planet of tough lessons and wisdom, Saturn, rules these winter-born Capricorns. So that explains why they carry around that stern look on their faces. Nevertheless, Saturn also ensures that they learn the importance of patience, discipline and hard work, which is why Capricorns end up with those prestigious careers. As an Earth sign, they are very practical, industrious, and prudent. They carry an earthy beauty with them and are one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.

Why they are adorable?

Possessing a defensive attitude, Capricorns identify the dangers and negatives in an environment rather quickly. They make great and loyal friends who will be there for you even at four in the morning. Kind-hearted as they are, they will never shy away from helping someone in need. Adept at making money, their ruler, Saturn, ensures that they use it wisely and also have some stacked away for a rainy day. Known for creating order out of chaos, these people work constantly to get the desired results. Wealth and prosperity are topmost on their priority and ambition list.

Why the Goats are so fascinating?

Spotting a Capricorn in a crowd wouldn’t be the herculean task one would think it to be. The somber and solemn persona coupled with that coy and aloof nature intrigues even the most detached ones.Their love for music and the impeccable taste in beauty of any kind is admirable. Capricorns are beauty-inspired and beauty-loving creatures who transcend even the dullest of surroundings to an appreciable one. They will play the perfect host/hostess with an ease and their elegance is beyond compare. They can rock that designer suit with such sophistication that you wouldn’t even notice how much they had to scrape to buy it.

What makes these success-hungry Capricorns annoying to be with?

Their insatiable ambition, skepticism and closed shell-like personality may drive their close ones away.Often termed unemotional, Capricorns are pessimistic to the fault and ambitious to the extent of being selfish. They are naturally shy and because of this they may come across as snobbish. They end up building walls around them which makes them appear indifferent and apathetic. People born under this sign can be depressing to be with since they themselves attract misery the most. Their cynical, demoralizing ways can spread gloom in the happiest of environments. A word of advice- Don’t give them advice unless asked for as they think they know it best. Snobbish, mean, selfish and callous; they can be unforgiving and revenge-seeking in case you wrong them. Fellas, beware!

Matters of the heart

You’ll never find a Capricorn rush into a relationship. Rather, they will be the last ones amongst their friendsto finally putting their hearts out in the love market. They are naturally reserved and somehow are attracted to the older and wiser kind. Immaturity and irresponsible behaviour is a huge turn off for the sometimes uncommunicative ones. So indulged are they in their careers that they often put their personal relationships on the back bench. That said, once you let yourself into the closely protected heart of a Capricorn, there are such wonderful things you will encounter. Warm, kind, generous, the perfect father/mother, husband/wife and son/daughter; he/she would never disappoint you. Their loyalty is something that can be vouched for. They may not showcase their love in the most romantic manner, but you will be amply provided for and greatly valued.

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