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Online consultation is available via email, call or Skype.


A horoscope reading is an accurate method of prediction. It requires an individual’s birth details like date, place and time of birth. This service entails a detailed horoscope reading to get the answers to the questions. Based on the birth chart, remedies are suggested for different planets. Horoscope reading can be done in person, via email or telephonically.


Palmistry is an age-old practice which can provide an insight into the nature and personality of an individual. It should be preferably be done in person as it is not just the lines which are important but also the shape, length, width, curvatures and other features of the hand.


Tarot reading is an interesting form of prediction that can reveal a lot about an individual’s current life situation and inter-personal relationships. A tarot session is useful for answering immediate concerns and queries. A tarot reading session is done face to face as the cards and the tarot reader require the individual's energy.


One of the potent remedies often suggested is wearing a Rudraksha mala. Rudraksha beads can help in various ways. Different Rudraksha can be used for different planets and for different purposes. Rudraksha can help in attaining mental peace, overcoming certain ailment, attaining wealth or overall wellness. All types of Rudraksha are also available with us.


When a place is constructed in accordance with the principles of Vaastu Shastra, it helps in improving the happiness, prosperity and success of the occupants. Most people prefer that their home, office, factories and other important buildings follow these principles.

Personality Profile and Self Analysis

Understanding ourselves is the first step towards getting what we want out of life. Getting a detailed personality analysis will help in recognising your goals, ambitions and motivation. It will help in making better life choices and managing relationships in a healthier way.