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Make way for the King of the Jungle, for Leos are here! Proud and arrogant yet loyal and courageous, Leos are kindled with the warmth of a beautiful summer day. Fifth in the line of the zodiac signs, Leos are born leaders. It’s hard to be humble, given the fact that the other people and planets revolve around this Sun-ruled zodiac sign. But as the most generous sign of the zodiac, Leos are known to have huge, kind hearts. They will help you, spoil you and even care for you. These charismatic, creative but opinionated people love to be in the limelight as long as they are being praised and at least respected, thus, satisfying their egoistical needs. Leos are dynamic, self-confident, and highly dramatic (there ought to be some drama where royalty is concerned). Sure, their character knows how to make a lasting impression.
Much like the Lion that symbolizes them, Leos are fierce, bold and regal in their lifestyle- living life king size, yep, and that’s their motto. There is something quite majestic about Leos who exude grandeur even in the manner they carry themselves- walking tall with heads held high, denoting confidence and pride. Ruled by the master itself-the Sun, Leo radiates marvelous warmth and is the most authoritative Zodiac sign of all. They are sociable and self-assured with an immense zest for life. Graced by the fire element, Leos are enthusiastic and larger than life with a lot of creativity. Their sexiness enhances and illuminates like the fire itself. Pretty hot to handle!
Creativity, idealism and leadership are the Leo’s greatest strengths. Their never say die attitude enables them to take failures and endless setbacks in a positive stride. To them, money is of much significance, chiefly for the luxury that it can bring. Leos aren’t very fond of the idea of change. But if they learn to adapt to it, they will be running ahead in the race of success and finish it as winners. In matters of career, the Lion is drawn towards a glamourous career or to an executive position at a top-notch firm.

What makes the Lion so lovable?

These amiable social creatures are the ones hogging the limelight in a party. People, now don’t be jealous! The spotlight loves them and so do the onlookers. Leading the way with a strong hand but a gentle word makes Leos undeniably fascinating. They will take risks when others choose to sit with their heads down, for the lion is fearless. Strong, dynamic and creative, they command respect and loyalty which, more often than not, they do get. They think, speak, describe and convey their ideas in a very vivid manner. Leos have the optimism of a young child. To them, it isn’t over till it’s over.

Why they drive us into frenzy?

With a gigantic pride and ego, making their way onto the list are the lazy Leos. Really, did I hurt your pride already? Their sharp opinions and judgmental ways may get them many glares and a lot of flak from their fellows. When the lion gets angry he can be hard to tame. At such a time, it would be prudent to leave them alone and guard yourself. Beware of the Leo’s charm because once they set their eyes on something, they will stop at nothing to achieve it. They are so headstrong and stubborn that you may end up draining yourself out completely in order to convince them. Leos aren’t good judges of character which often leads to disappointment when their loyalties are misplaced.

Matters of the heart

As one of the most attractive folks of the zodiac signs, these absolute charmers have no trouble finding potential suitors. Le os ooze that extra something which makes the onlookers go weak in their knees. They’ll attract admirers as if a magnetic force were present. They will tease, they will flirt, but you sure will bask in the glory of all the love being poured on you. When it is love for the king, be ready to be treated as a queen. Leos love to be in love and to be the center of attention. As a fire sign, they are exceedingly passionate and self-assured lovers. They are dramatic, full of vitality and bounce like a boisterous lion cub. Leos radiate irresistible sexual power that draws every fascinated lover inside their love orbit. They love to rule, even in the bedroom. These people are loving, amorous, chivalrous and a joy to hold onto. Yes, they aren’t perfect. Like all the others, they have their shortcomings which their partners will be witnessing time and again. Even though Leos are hopeless romantics, passionate lovers and true loyalists, a betrayed Leo is one not to hold back. Be ready for some strong resentment on the Lion’s part. Exploding into a rage or sulking profoundly when they are ignored could be a sight that may not be seen as welcome by their mates. But don’t worry, these fits of bad mood won’t last long and in no time they will be back to their sweet loving selves. They are winners who win hearts with their playfulness and wonderful sense of humour.

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