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‘Balance’ is what Libra means in Latin. Known as the peacemakers of the zodiac, Librans are diplomatic and idealistic in their approach. For them, maintaining balance and harmony is paramount. Seventh in line of the zodiac signs, these artistic and refined individuals have strong opinions about the right and wrong which makes them a true diplomat. Oh how much these gregarious organisms love to socialize! On the flipside, this makes it challenging for them to cope with loneliness. Characteristically charming, eloquent and gentle, Librans are skilled in navigating social situations. Consequently, they face no trouble in winning over the hearts of the folks around them. Their mild disposition and urbane manner makes them amiable fellows to be with and highlight their observant and objective nature.

Their elegance, charm and suave mannerisms are what makes these folks so sociably fit and civilized. Even their taste in music, fashion and other things is impeccable. Their ruling planet, Venus, is to be given credit for it all. That explains their pretty face and smooth talk! Venus endows them with powerful feminine and creative energy. The planet of love coupled with the seventh house makes love and relationships very important to Librans. They will go to great lengths and meet a number of people to search for their soulmate. That is the ultimate aim. The Scales which symbolize this zodiac also point towards their need to find a partner with whom they feel complete. They have a strong sense of justice and fair play in all spheres of life. Librans are part of the Air element. Like their fellow cousin, Gemini, they too have the gift of the gab which never leaves them at a loss of words even on their worst days. The ability to communicate clearly is among their most conspicuous skills. Since they live by the principles of diplomacy and compromise, Librans make a fair argument. Associated with the element, Air, Librans reach higher mind and knowledge.

Librans are ardent enthusiasts of reason and logic and have a firm belief that nothing can defy these principles. They might be highly sociable and revel in the company of close friends but contradictory to this, they can also be aloof. Sure, they can be lazy but when the deadlines are to be met, Librans will make sure to get the job done in time. No one sees others’ point of views better than this capable sign. Their tact and diplomacy opens many career paths for them such as an attorney, civil servant and so on. But that is not the only area of professional excellence for them. Their artistic and creative side can be brought to light by building a career as a designer or musician. Librans are artful masters of managing money and spend it wisely.

What makes Librans a pleasant companion?

I’m sure no one has ever felt awkward or out of place when in the company of the socially flawless Libran. That’s the kind of wonderful social elegance they carry around for which they are highly admired. They’ll play the role of a host/hostess exceptionally well. Since they are ruled by the planet of beauty and love, Venus, they exude such charm which may be just enough to let their and your romantic thoughts come to life. Many argue that Librans are incessantly diplomatic which vexes them. On the contrary, isn’t diplomacy a fine way to avoid disagreements and restore balance and harmony? They will play fair and square- no cheating folks! This highly intelligent species is also high on ideals and philosophy. Librans are loyal friends who’ll be there to provide you with solutions to most of your problems and will also lend their shoulder in case you are getting all teary-eyed.

Why they drive us into frenzy?

These grudge carrying, self-pitying and self-indulgent creatures will do anything to avoid confrontations just because they want to be seen as agreeable. They may seem unemotional and aloof at times. Librans don’t like to be pressured when making a decision. They are so afraid of making the wrong one that they often cannot decide. Indecisiveness is another one of their negatives. Trying to make dinner plans with a Libra? You might as well wait for breakfast, because it will take at least that long for them to weigh every possible option. Poor Librans, they find it hard to pour their hearts out. What might seem innocent at first becomes spiteful when your Libra pal is always trying to find a way in between rather than sticking with one side. They will be prone to daydreaming and make-belief which is due to the element of Air influencing their Zodiac. Their laid-back attitude cannot be relied upon.

Matters of the heart

Blessed with enormous charm and sex appeal, Librans are never short of potential suitors. Their amicable and amiable nature gives them the opportunity of choosing from a pool of admirers at their behest. The need to find the ultimate great love is of grave importance to these harmony seeking enthusiasts. For them, togetherness is what life’s ultimate aim is. They yearn for a soulmate to balance out the imbalances in their life and to make themselves complete with their better-half. They will sure be affectionate and sentimental; however, they tend to focus primarily on themselves in relationships. Librans are in love with the idea of falling in love. Hence, once they have used their charm to captivate the soulmates, they begin to lose interest. Since they are adept at adjusting to the needs of others, their relationships are rather harmonious and lovers pleased. They enjoy the finer things in life and this applies to their sexual encounters as well. The environment and surrounding should boast of sensuality and romance. Subtle perfumes, candles, massage oils do wonders to heighten their sensual desires.

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