Numbers speak a powerful language. Within numbers, lies the key to unlocking the doors to reach the depths of our character and destiny. Each of us is characterised by a distinct set of numbers which helps outline our true personalities. It is believed that numbers have the power to affect an individual’s characteristics and the many events occurring in his/her life. Every alphabet also has a corresponding number. Each letter has a numeric value that provides a related vibrational propensity.

The date of birth of a person and his name are vital and form the basis of analysis in numerology. The numbers 1 to 9 are the principal constituents in this cosmic science of numbers. 0’s not taken into account as it is considered to only magnify the qualities of the numbers it is associated with.

Odd numbers are masculine having traits like being active, thrusting, creative whereas the even numbers are considered to be having the feminine qualities of being warm, passive, yielding and receptive (with some exceptions). Individuals with odd numbers are solo performers whereas the even ones reach their prime when coupled with another person(except number 8). These numbers are closely associated with the planets ruling in astrology and, therefore, numerology and astrology are co-dependent.


The most important number in your birth chart is your Life Path number which is based on your date of birth. This number is seen as the most significant one as it is the one constant that shall never change. Since every number is seen to emit a distinct vibration, thus, people with different birth dates have different characteristics. The Life Path number highlights a person’s talents, characteristics, health, desires, careers and opportunities in life.


Suppose your date of birth is 30th October 1965 or 30.10.1965.

  • Add all the numbers in your date of birth – 30+10+1+9+6+5= 61
  • Now deduce them to derive a single digit – 6+1= 7
  • Your Life Path number is 7.

Influence of Life Path Numbers



Aiming the top and marking the beginnings, people having the numero uno as their life path number are original, creative, individualistic, organized and ambitious. They are the leaders and initiators of the pack. These folks have the drive and determination to make it big and remain undaunted even with the harshest challenges that life throws at them. They know what they want and also find the means of getting it. On the flipside, the leader is not always liked by the pack. In their quest to achieve the highest, these people may come across as selfish, egoistical, dominating and a tyrant. Their dictatorship and impatience can be a major force in spoiling their relationships with others. And what is with that incessant criticism? Such nitpicking can surely annoy those around them.



The number 2s are sweet, kind, easygoing and way too considerate, often fading into the background while someone else takes center-stage. Their tolerance to rude and impolite behaviour is minimal. So, be courteous and mind your manners when dealing with these folks. Their nurturing and comforting nature makes them ideal for parenthood. They work and gel well in groups and their keen eye for detail makes them efficient at their jobs. On the negative side, their too proper and polite ways may dampen their spirit to take credit for what is rightfully theirs. Low on ambition and self-confidence, they are hesitant to speak their mind. Their indecisiveness and timidness is yet another one of their flaws.



Their main agenda is to bring joy to others. Happy, lively, enthusiastic, the number 3s have the charisma and charm like none other. You’d catch them chatting and telling stories in a group, tickling everyone’s funny bones. Dull moment? Not a chance when your number 3 is around. Their love for partying and socializing make their names appear on every guest list. Highly imaginative and creative, these folks express themselves and their ideas vividly. Lucky lads, to them, even money comes easy. But not all’s well in this tale either. Easily bored and restless, 3s need for constant excitement may lead them astray. Their ego needs to be stroked, time and again. Also, these people put their hands into too many things which lead to many unfinished projects.



Serious, mature and dependable, people with 4 as their Life Path number are the ones striving for a solid foundation in life. They are ardent followers of the set rules and swear by them. Cautious and careful, they will always have a stash of money stacked away for a rainy day. Never ones to shy away from hard work, they reach their goals slowly and steadily. While others idle away their time partying, 4s are slogging their nights working and reaching near their goal inch by inch. Financial security is vital to them. They are known for their conservative nature and strong ethics. But all work and no play makes you a dull and joyless person. They lack the excitement that spontaneity brings with it. Lighten up pals!



Their love for talking, youthful and exciting display of attitude towards life isn’t hidden from anyone. In fact, the audience quite loves it when these lads put on a show. Oh boy, how well they use that witty tongue of theirs! Their flamboyant personality coupled with a shrewd and intelligent mind attracts a lot of admirers. They exude such sexual magnetism, which is only an add-on to their already vivacious personality. They loathe rules and the conventional ways, instead they seek freedom and exciting new arrays. But even they can’t talk out of every situation smoothly. Overreacting at the minutest of things makes them the center of drama. Besides, the kind of permissive lifestyle they lead makes them careless and callous.



Well balanced, happy and optimistic, the ones having number 6 as their Life Path number are responsible but also fun loving. They work but remember to have a drink with colleagues after work. They are great negotiators and are found to be agreeable by most. Known to do the right thing, they often get success early on in their lives. Loyal and nurturing, they make good companions. A peaceful and just life attracts them the most. On the flipside, they can be too self- absorbed and start to take their blessings for granted. Their worrisome nature may end up in an over-indulgence in food.



7s are extremely psychic and guided by intuition. Their lust for deeper knowledge makes them the perfectionist they are. Not known for working in groups, these folks work best when alone and in doing so, take their own sweet time. Tactful and witty, they feel that there is a higher purpose for their existence. But 7s do a lot of thinking and planning, sometimes losing grip of reality. They may appear to be cold, aloof and arrogant to others. Their antisocial and morbid tactics may seem weird and strange. For them, spending time with their own self is extremely important. But that shouldn’t make you an outcast.



The number 8s are the go-getters who have lofty aims and always a bigger picture in mind. They’ll put up a good fight and earn the power they so dearly desire. 8s like to accumulate wealth, a lot of it! Their persistence and hard-work is admirable. They have a strong will and a tenacity to achieve their goals slowly, but confidently. But they can become ruthless in the pursuit of their goals, so much so that they tend to abandon their personal life. In fact, this workaholic attitude of theirs makes their relationships non-existent. Their loved ones have to bear the brunt of the 8s ambition and success. These people border on extremes and can get frustrated easily. Go easy dear!



Compassionate, intense and highly adaptable, these people are generous to a fault. They lay their eyes and mind on the bigger picture with broad vision and problem-solving capabilities. Creative and artistic, 9s may sometimes get too self-centered when it comes to their achievements. The 9s can be a little skittish and spooky. Not particularly good with money matters, these people see beyond the material world always striving to make the world a better place. Sounds too perfect? Nah, their hot-headedness and impatience wouldn’t let them be seen as the hero. Also, they aren’t such good judges of character.