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Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, brings us to the end of the long cycle of the Zodiac signs. Truly happy and satisfied in their world of make-believe, Pisces is one dreamy sign. These are the people who are constantly changing. This unstable nature of theirs often leaves their emotions in a flux. On the brighter side, Pisceans never face problem adapting to a changing environment. They are highly flexible and take the shape of the vessel they’re poured in. Gentle, kind and empathetic, these folks will put others’ comfort before theirs. The Pisces Zodiac sign is the seeker, searching for the ultimate meaning of life leading to the path of eternal happiness. They are selfless, spiritual and focused on their inner journey. Their dreamy and romantic side evokes the most creative and free flowing poetry. Charming indeed!

The dual traits in the Piscean Zodiac sign are represented by the symbol of a pair of Fish. The two fish, swimming in opposite directions, are the stress-causing element. Pisceans keep toiling between the reality and reverie. They are quite adept at feeling the undercurrents in the atmosphere and then act according to their intuition, which is mostly correct. Neptune, the God of sea and the planet of illusion, rules this sign. People born under this sign are compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, intuitive, deeply creative and artistic. However, they have difficulty distinguishing fact from fantasy since the planet of illusion adds a semblance of intangibility and mystique. The element, water, makes them sensitive and empathetic to others’ needs. They revel in their kind and compassionate nature and rejoice in catering to all.

The power of imagination is their ultimate strength, therefore, making those born under this sign highly imaginative and creative. That is part reason why many of them become gifted artists, musicians or writers with vivid imaginations. Their compassion also leads them to join professions of a doctor, psychiatrist, spiritual healers etc. Driven by their hearts and imaginations, Pisceans are intrinsically impressionable. When it comes to money, it can easily be said that they are the least materialistic people of all. Money seems to be a trivial matter for them and that is why they often get taken advantage of by some unscrupulous souls.

Why they are fun to be with?

When dreams are so beautiful and perfect, who wouldn’t want to be lost in reverie? Their creative instincts and innovative ideas are at their peak when they use their intellect to outdo all the others in their profession. You’re more than blessed if you have a Piscean around when in trouble. They’ll go out of their way to safeguard you from any trouble. Their artistic and dreamy persona will enable them to reach the top of any ladder they step on. Flexibility and fluidity makes them a highly adaptive species. Much like a chameleon, they change too often, leaving your jaws dropped in amazement.

Why they could be annoying?

Pisces live in the world of spiritualism and imagination, far away from the practical world. Hence, they are often called the dreamers of the zodiac signs. But when has avoiding reality ever helped anyone? These escapists will withdraw completely without even dropping a hint. They avoid a confrontation altogether. Their over-emotional and over-sensitive side would, sooner than later, get onto your nerves. Come problem, and see your Pisces run to the mountain for cover. Come on pals, there are certain things in life even the mountain can’t provide respite from. Just face it! Over-sensitive and escapists, Pisceans aren’t easy to deal with.

Matters of the heart

As the last and final sign in the Zodiac, Pisceans incorporate a little bit of all the other signs which explains why they are a little difficult to understand. However, their multi-faceted personality oozes charm and charisma which attracts many potential suitors. You’d catch them being shy one minute and absolutely lively the next. The gamut of emotions runs deep in these folks. What they actually look forward to is a prince on a white horse or a damsel in distress who would make their hearts skip a beat at the very first sight. Theirs is the kind of romance apt for the silver-screens which screams of a ‘happily ever after’ in the end. They make wonderful companions and would do anything for love.

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