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Half human, half horse. Ring a bell? Well, that’s our Sagittarius comrade travelling the distance beyond our imagination. Their larger-than-life and enthusiasm makes them a delight to be with. Due to their open-mindedness and easy-going demeanour, they are seen to be quite popular among their peers. Quite the life and soul of any party, these Archers are one of the most socially outgoing Zodiac sign of all. Their appetite for life is of the magnum-opus kind and they thrive on adventure, always seeking new experiences and new challenges. As a sign associated with wisdom and truth, Sagittarians have a strong sense of fair play. They would not wrap the truth in the prettiest packaging; rather, they will be blunt and honest. Knowing the meaning of life and the philosophy behind it is the one accomplishment they dream of.

Sagittarius is ruled by the larger-than-life, Jupiter; which explains the love for magnanimous experiences in life. Jupiter is considered the risk-taker and the luck-bringer. Keeping up with its characteristics, Sagittarians are expansive, freedom-loving, philosophical, and have far-reaching intellectual concepts. The fiery Archers tend to be uncontrollable just like the element associated with them- Fire. But this is the element which also makes them action-lovers and adventure-seekers. Expect conversations to be candid and straight from the heart. Their abundant energy would seldom die out just like the fire which cannot be easily put out. Represented by the mythical Greek Centaur (half human and half animal) and the Archer, Sag-born are clear thinkers with their bows, arrows and sights towards whatever it is that they find alluring.

Scrupulously just, Sagittarians make for excellent employees as well as employers. They will be the ones motivating the entire lot and filling the atmosphere with vigour and excitement. Lucky Jupiter blesses these folks with fortune and exquisite insight. They have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from. They would work best in the travel and marketing industry where their enthusiasm and love for travel will be widely appreciated. Teaching and photography also interests them a lot.

Why the Archers are so fascinating?

Who doesn’t like a bit of cheerfulness and optimism around them? If you are the kind who enjoys the honest laugh of a straight-forward person, then you sure will revel in the company of our dear Sags. Not the ones singing the blues very often, Sagittarians are known for being able to see the bright side in even the dullest of things. Their frank conversations can scare many but the few that stay, lead on to become the best of friends. Their enlightened thinking, morals and wisdom are something to be admired. They are the dreamers who dare to dream big!

Why Sagittarians are a pain in the neck?

Saying that Sagittarians are self-obsessed would be an under-statement. These restless folks are easily bored and this lack of interest makes the day to day routine activities mundane for them. They are honest and blunt to the point of being hurtful and tactless. When they speak, they are very blunt and get right to the point, sometimes not realizing they hurt feelings along the way. Unemotional and reckless, you can be amazed at how cold they can get at times. They are over-confident and careless. For these superficial Archers, outer looks mean a lot and they are obsessed with themselves.

Matters of the heart

Most people are drawn towards these folks due to their vastly self-dependent nature on one hand and their outgoing friendly breathe-easy manner on the other. Fifteen minutes of a getting-to-know-each-other chat will turn into a candid one even before you realize it. Their warm and friendly approach draws people to them like magnets. Although they hate being tied down, yet they crave a soulmate to explore and experience the world with. But their endless quest for adventure can tire down their better-halves. Keeping up with their pace can be an arduous task. Sagittarians love the chase and rejoice in the victory of their conquests. They too can fall head-over-heels for that special someone and with the right partner, lead a happy life.

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