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This Zodiac sign has always taken my fancy for its mysterious and dark ways. At least that is what the general perception of the Scorpio is. Their enormously passionate drive is what sets them apart from others. The aura of mystic and quiet intensity that they carry around makes them appear very intriguing. Their remarkable reserve of energy drives them to achieve almost anything they set their eyes on. The curiosity of Scorpio is immeasurable. Hidden things or secrets attract and hold their attention much longer than anyone else’s. To them, everything is a puzzle. They are not going to stop until they uncloak all your secrets/characteristics and later, revel in the quiet for their success in unveiling you.

As the eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpios are ruled by Mars and Pluto. People belonging to this sign possess the stealth and the steely determination of the Scorpion. The distant, icy and dense Pluto governs this sign which makes these Scorpios secretive, self-controlled, determined, intuitive and sometimes even deadly. Since all Water-related signs are prone to be emotional, Scorpio is no different. As opposed to the wavy waters, these folks are governed by deep mysterious water, symbolizing a gamut of deep, dark, and intense emotions. Scorpios blaze with emotional intensity, despite their cold and aloof exterior. Scorpions, that symbolize this Zodiac sign, are known for invoking both fear and fascination. Perhaps that is the reason that this sign is seen as the darkest and most powerful of all. The Scorpion would rather kill itself than be killed by any other. Likewise, people born under this sign take the ultimate control of life in their hands.

Scorpios are fiercely independent and, thus, perfectly suited to being left on their own. They have giant elephant-like memories; so you better not wrong them because they won’t forget it or even let you forget it! Their truthful and, somewhat, wry sense of humour is quite interesting. Financial security is equally important to these people. They delve into careers where there is scope for research and to ring to surface any hidden patterns. Scorpios can withstand pressure at work in order to successfully reach their targets. Faithful as employees, they also make great businesspersons and can manage money very efficiently. They know how to earn it, but more importantly, they know how to grow it. Their intuition plays a major role in their success on the whole.

Why these Scorpios are so fascinating?

Being governed by the dual planets, Mars and Pluto, makes Scorpios an intriguing Zodiac sign. They have the enigmatic, secretive presence of Pluto but also possess the indomitable energy and power of the red-hot Mars. Their natural but subtle dominance often makes them the one calling the shots without others even feeling the pinch of it. Big-time manipulators, Scorpios are quite capable of turning a situation to their advantage. Naturally, their flair and mystic attracts others rather easily. Their point of views are appreciated and agreed upon most times. Their brilliant minds are perfectly competent to unravel many behavioural tendencies and other mysteries of life. It is this trait that makes them such good judges of character. Reaching for the stars- this is what Scorpios do. Scorpios are ambitious and hard-working. They won’t hesitate to call a spade a spade.

What makes them so terrifying?

Dare wrong a Scorpio and they will make sure that your life becomes a living hell. They will be resentful and will stop at nothing short of a bittersweet revenge. Unfortunately, trust does not come easy to them. Their suspicious nature will often put the ones close to them through a series of ‘tests’. These tests, as strange as they may seem, are aimed at testing their dear ones’ level of trust, faithfulness and loyalty. If living with a Scorpio, you would witness endless moods of despair and experience the depths of darkness. Their manipulative powers may win them many arguments but it puts others in an appalled state. Save your souls and RUN, for they will manipulate you in ways unknown to mankind. Try all you want but you’ll never be able to figure out their secretive side.

Matters of the heart

Love with a Scorpio can be very intense. Scorpios are private people and often keep their feelings under wraps. This enigmatic mystique is bestowed upon them by their dark and mysterious ruling planet, Pluto. Not the ones to be short of admirers, Scorpios ooze sexiness. Their smoldering good-looks and sensuous persona attracts the other sex just like bees are attracted towards honey. When it comes to the matters of the heart, these folks will not rest until they have their desired object of love to themselves. They remain faithful and devoted to the one they actually love. However, it isn’t an easy ride when the tides are high. Jealousy and suspicion may ruin the relationships of a Scorpio.

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