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The pragmatist that it is, this sign yearns for material comforts and the physical pleasures of life. Belonging to the Earth element, this one does not venture into the unknown for the heck of adventures like its Arian predecessor. Their basic nature speaks of a powerful yet calm and easy-going disposition. But do not be fooled by their tranquility, for they may be roused, like the bull, when provoked. They have a strong need for stability and security, both financially and emotionally. A lover for good food, romance and all things beautiful, Taureans are happiest surrounded by the best of all worlds. They have a penchant for the finer things that life has to offer and are fond of all things pretty, be it their home or wife. Their tenacity is often mistaken for stubbornness.

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus-the goddess of love, beauty, leisure and pleasure, Taureans are the most sensuous, artistic and determined people. Symbolised by the bull, Taurus has the strength, stamina and the will to make ends meet. They will stand their ground till the very end, although it may be irrational to do so at times. Due to their persistent and steadfast nature, these lads excel at their work and seek to reap the rewards of their hard labour. People born under this sign have the earthy calmness, stability, practical nature and even the skin tone which their element could be credited for.

There is no doubt that Taureans spoil themselves with worldly comforts, but they are extremely hard-working and generous. Nothing pleases them more than being able to share what they have with the people they love. Because they hate to be put in jeopardy of any kind, they prepare in advance for tomorrow. Stubborn as mules, they may often get so stuck and fixed that they become painfully intransigent. Their stubbornness and bull-headedness may make them enter into a state of rut for an unimaginable time period.

Why Taureans are wonderful to be with?

Never the ones to have a giant friend circle, these folks are content with having their intimate few and are part of a close-knit unit. Taurus loves to play host to their friends, who are regarded and cared for like family. They make for excellent friends who are loyal and dependable to a fault. Taureans are patient and forgiving creatures, but if you cross that line, even after being warned, they will become resentful and may never speak to you for the rest of your life. Really, if they decide you’re not worth it, they won’t change their mind.

Why they drive us nuts?

Taurus does not like change. Their fear of venturing into the unknown often makes them a loser when opportunity comes knocking on their doors. These lazy lads will do anything to not do anything! Lazy to the core and as stubborn as mules, never expect them to budge in an argument. Taureans are achingly possessive. Do not try to make them jealous as this might lead to resentment, on their part, for a really long time. So fellas, don’t push the limit and let the bull rest under the shady greens. Material comforts are also vital to their existence.

Matters of the heart

As the ultimate sensual zodiac sign, Taureans cherish the intimate one-to-one encounter in a relationship. When it comes to giving away their hearts, these people are extremely cautious and they should be. Not everyone takes the risk of getting their hearts broken, at least not the bull. So selective and sensible are they that only prospects meeting their high standards (honesty, loyalty and security) stand a chance to win the heart of the cautious Taurean. Born with an exquisite sense of touch, these fellows love the feel of their partners’ bodies against theirs. Want a stable husband/wife who would be the perfect one to build a family with? Well, look no further, your Taurean lover is here to the rescue. Nothing gives them greater pleasure than spoiling their loved ones with all the leisurely treats. They are turned on by beautiful people and places. Just like the strength of a bull, they also have a passionate nature and strong sex drive. Their earthy, solid body exudes sensuality and arouses desire, but often hesitate to make the first move owing to their coy and cautious nature. Despite a strong libido, they are not driven by lust. Love is something that a Taurean takes rather seriously. Voila!

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