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A sign whose utmost aim in life is to achieve ‘perfection’ could be none other than our dearest Virgo. Perfection is their second name! Their picky and finicky manner can vex a million people out there, but how else could perfection be reached? Responsible and dutiful, Virgos will serve unceasingly and unconditionally. Meticulousness is one of the most prominent traits of the Virgo personality. A typical Virgo places structure, neatness and order high on the pedestal. So accurate and analytical is the Virgo’s intellect that it may seem spotless on the surface. These detail-oriented freaks are considered to be the best organisers in the zodiac. Stuck in a rut? Turn to your Virgo pal for he/she has the knack for seeing problems through the perfect solutions. Mentally sharp and focused individuals, Virgos will search for flaws and then try to fix them.

Represented by the Virgin, Virgos take the qualities of modesty and humility from the Virgin Goddess. Their shyness and purity makes them an intriguing character to their suitors. Deep beneath the shy and modest exterior lives an anxious, calculating and nervous individual, whose mind is always working, sometimes over-analyzing situations. As they are ruled by Mercury, they come alive in conversations. Much like their cousin, Gemini, Virgos tend to be lively and talkative and are able to convey their ideas with much ease. Then again, their penchant for detail may lead them to sometimes overelaborate their thoughts. Their earthy nature (along with that beautiful tan complexion which makes them so attractive) gives these virgins the practical abilities, rationality, commonsense, dexterity and a strong sense of realism. The earth element also keeps them humble and grounded.

The Virgo zodiac sign hardly ever takes things for granted and has an eye for detail and flaws. These folks are an asset to any employer as they are most likely to get things done efficiently in the first go. They will be able to spot the tiniest of mistakes with a rational solution at hand. Their problem-solving skills are second to none. Be it their home or the workplace, the daring Virgo is not afraid of voicing out their opinions and concerns. Where money is concerned, they are sensible and cautious. These aren’t the kind of people you’ll see splurging money on a shopping spree. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t have quality things. They’ll probably be saving a stash of cash for a dry day. Basically, they are prudent and rational which corresponds with their need for being steady and secure.

What makes the Virgin so lovable?

Virgos are dependable and loyal friends who come in handy when the time calls for. They are excellent listeners which make them great advisers. Since they are a mutable Earth sign, they adapt to changes rather easily. These folks will have spotless houses and discipline in life is vital to their existence. They have a reserved exterior and are polite and soft-spoken. But don’t take their politeness for granted for they have a strong sense of justice and particularly excel in standing up for it. Their chatty and witty tongues will ensure that there isn’t a dull moment in their presence. What makes them so interesting is their skillful insights and broad based knowledge. Since they are such fitness and health freaks, Virgos will always remind you to take better care of yourself. Their unparalleled dedication to their family is applaudable. They are very attentive to the needs of the elderly and sick people. No wonder they make awesome parents. Blame it on their shyness, Virgos are not the type who will directly show their feelings, they would rather do so through concrete acts.

Why they drive us into frenzy?

The Virgin is somewhat a scrutineer who will always pick on others’ mistakes and flaws. Their constantly inspecting mind is the one to blame. You are bound to be impressed with their wit and intelligence at first but listening to a Virgo chat away all night can be a painful ordeal. They can be too critical about themselves as well as others. Their cynical views are best left to them. A fun visit to the mall can turn into a nightmare if your Virgo isn’t able to find that perfect pair of sandals. They, somehow, are never pleased with the outcome and will criticize incessantly. Big-time worriers, Virgos can be harsh and vengeful. Welcome to the real world! Detail-oriented as they are, they may not able to see the forest for the trees, thus, overlooking the bigger picture. Just in case you want to give them a taste of their own medicine, look inside those closets where all their dirty secrets are hidden away. Go people, pick on these nutheads! Virgos get so fussy about being right and organised that they end up making a huge mess for themselves.

Matters of the heart

The fear of being rejected or ridiculed may keep a Virgo from venturing onto the journey of love. But if you have your eyes set on these demure creatures make sure you keep them surprised with your wit and humour. Let me warn you though, dating a Virgo wouldn’t be a walk in the park. One moment they’ll make you feel as though you’re the only one in the world for them while at other times you may scratch your hair out unable to take all the criticism they throw at you. Virgos enjoy being pursued and revel in the thrill of the chase. You can stimulate a Virgo’s sensuous side by a smooth talk and walk. No fancy dressing up for this one. Keep it simple but neat without any creases. If you could learn to relish in the challenge of unlocking this mysterious sign, you’ll find the perfect earthy stability in this romance. Expect no big gestures but many little things that will show their devotion to their partners.

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